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Step 1.

A challenge is provided by a business

Step 2.

BAG Innovation creates and trains multidisciplinary groups of students

Step 3.

Students works with the challenge

Step 4.

The business gets new ideas, products, concepts, solutions etc.

Step 5.

Both the student and businesses grow.


The business idea is simple; We gather multidisciplinary groups of students and let them work with an aim of creating new sustainable solutions for their communities and future employers.

Some of our Innovators


BAG Innovation has created a repeatable process employing unique and creative techniques which delivers guaranteed results. The challenges are focused problem statements that are important to the participating organization, and it should bring real value to being solved.

Business Development

How can the JIBU organization motivate the business franchisers to keep a steady and consistent growth?

Community Impact

DC Hydropower is interested to invest in SME’s in the village to create sustainable growth and greater community impact. Which businesses should DC Hydropower invest in to create the largest community impact?

Market Penetration

How can Moto Energy Solutions most efficiently introduce, distribute and penetrate the market with its mobile chargers in Rwanda?

Do you have a challenge for the students?

Contact gabriel@baginnovation.rw for more information about how to design your case.


The challenges are provided by companies from the private, civil and public sector and aims to generate value for both the student and participating organizations.

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