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BAG seeks to disrupt the traditional approach to how individuals acquire experience at school and build up the next generation of problem solvers. This is why our name is "BAG - Building A Generation."

University students and recent graduates are struggling to enter the job market and find decent employment upon graduation.

The employment marketplace is developing rapidly. The university curriculum is struggling to keep up with the demand, and students are suffering as a consequence. Spending on education in Africa is estimated today at $224B, set to grow to $740B by 2030, at a 14% CAGR. We estimate spending on EdTech to grow fast, from 1% today to 6–10% in 2030, reaching $57B.

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A word from our co-founders

We wanted to say a few words on our mission, let's see if that resonates with you!

We help students and young people access the right tools for their career development.

We began in a tiny office in Kacyiru, and since then we've had an impact on over 10,000 young people and assisted more than 600 graduates to find employment opportunities. We have a light-hearted yet professional atmosphere that constantly encourages us to work together better.

We’re looking for the brightest folks and partners to join us:

You who deeply care about what you do, how you work, thrive for simplicity, love BAG's mission and care about youth development.

If that resonates and you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you, we're excited to hear from you!

Co-Founders of BAG Innovation, Yussouf and Gabriel.

🤼 Our team

The best from the best


🏞️ Life at BAG

In 2017, it all began in a Kigali co-working space. Today BAG Innovation has 8 employees, and its culture is focused on innovation, collaboration, and impact.

Our values

How you do anything is how you do everything.

😀 Think actively

Question processes. Give thoughtful responses. Find the best way instead of going by how it’s always been done.

💙 Be super helpful

Go above and beyond to solve problems. Exercise empathy. Deliver magic to customers and coworkers.

🙏🏿 Act with humility

Treat everyone with respect. Leave egos at the door.

🧩 Appreciate quality

Take pride in crafting a lasting product. Work with the best equipment. Invest in great things that improve your life.

🚀 Maximize efficiency

Minimize unnecessary meetings and management. Work together with others to get the job finished.

💻 Focus on product

Ask yourself how the product can be better today than it was yesterday.


📺 BAG in the press

We've had the opportunity to be featured on various platforms.

💼 Some of our projects


bag.rw is a virtual and gamified platform that offers real-time access to experiential learning for University students in Rwanda by collaborating with universities and employers. The company provides interactive assessments for students based on an employer's skill requirements through its platform and personalized career guidance throughout the student journey. Stay in touch: https://bag.rw/

Coach Cards Rwanda

The Coach Cards Rwanda is a deck of cards that functions as a social game for building teams while also allowing friends and family members to get to know each other. Players take turns picking cards, and the aim is for everyone to respond within ten seconds. The cards encourage debate. We've sold more than 2000 cards for individuals and businesses all around the country. Stay in touch: https://www.facebook.com/CoachCardsRwanda

LOOP Acceleration Rwanda

The LOOP Accelerator Rwanda Program in Rwanda aims to amplify eleven high potential education start-ups with founders between 18-25 years. The LOOP Accelerator is the first program of its kind to meet the needs of Rwanda education-based start-ups, who, under normal circumstances, would not have access to similar programs. The program is designed to have a long-lasting impact on these start-ups and the participating entrepreneurs and is designed to accelerate scalable and sustainable businesses that can multiply job creation in the region. The program is implemented with support by GIZ and Make-IT in Africa and is facilitated by BPN Rwanda and BAG Innovation. Stay in touch: https://twitter.com/looprwanda


Any questions?

Do you sell bags?

No, we don't sell bags. BAG stands for Building A Generation.

Where are you based?

Our main office is based in Kigali, Rwanda on the KG 5 Avenue Plot #2 opposite Ubumwe House.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can reach out to us via phone at +250781282604 or via email at team@bag.rw.


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