Africa is facing a huge problem

The main issue we are tackling is the lack of effective internships that prepare the students for the future marketplace. Currently, graduating University students are not a “hot sale” for employers on the job market. Students are lacking the practical experience to gain trust with employers and find the right opportunities throughout their university journey. Work readiness and soft skills are simple needs that the market requires, but the university is not producing.

What is BAG?

BAG Innovation is a digital support system for students in higher learning institutions to complement the technical learning with market relevant experience and virtual internships. We are building a new generation of problem solvers and enhancing the development of University students in East Africa. We deliver a digital platform that connects the academic and business sector in a creative manner and ensures a strong value proposition for both the student and the business.


Crowdsourced Insights

The BAG Platform serves as a learning tool for students, and at the same time a strong value proposition for companies looking for affordable insights, growth support and data collection. Our target customers are companies looking for insights on a challenge they are facing in the field of marketing, sales, logistics, health, community issues and finance.

Talent Sourcing

We’ve made it easy for businesses to engage and meet with the top talents from different universities in the country. A company can interact with the talents on our platform, test and review their past work, shortlist and invite them for physical interviews. The BAG platform is helping companies be proactive with their future talent acquisitions and minimizing the trust-barrier between graduates and employer.

Some recognitions

Best EdTech in East Africa

by EdTechXGlobal 2019

Best Start-Up in Rwanda

by Hub Africa (Morocco)

Top 8 startups

by SeedStars Kigali Edition 2018

Best Innovation

PSF Made In Rwanda Expo 2017

Local partners

Our Team

BAG Innovation Ltd. is headquartered in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. BAG was founded May 2017 and is led by a passionate duo consisting of Yussouf & Gabriel.

Yussouf Ntwali

Co-founder and COO

Yussouf has a background in Business and Economics studies, and he is passionate about Entrepreneurship and Training Facilitation. He is our official spokesman and mastermind behind the rapid development of BAG.

Gabriel Ekman

Co-founder and CEO

Gabriel has a background in Project Management and Start Up Incubation and is behind several successful businesses in Sweden. Gabriel manages all our departments and is spearheading the expansion of BAG into other countries.

Brian Andanje

Program Developer and Control Manager.

Brian is our strongest asset with curriculum development, content management and training development. Brian is a WASH Engineer and a passionate entrepreneur and leader..

Sonia Mutoni

Head of Talent Department.

Sonia is our recruitment expert and accounts manager. Sonia has several years of experience in screening and match making processes and is leading the team of Talent Managers.

Our Advisors

Happiness Uwase

MD at Bridge2Rwanda.

She leads the Career Development Team in helping B2R Scholars identify their vocational calling, secure internship opportunities, and find full-time employment opportunities in Africa when they graduate. In addition, she also oversees Scholars' personal development throughout their time at the Leadership Academy in Kigali and university abroad.

Olivia Zank

CEO at BeneFactors.

She has a background in economics and financial development and previously worked as a Policy Advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry in Rwanda. She has worked for four years in medium-sized enterprise finance in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. She holds an MSc in Political Economy with financial specialisation from SOAS.

Robert Bayigamba

Executive Chairman at Manumetal Ltd.

With over 10 years of experience in Business Management and Leadership. Having served as a former Minister for Sports and Culture and board member and advisor for large organizations such as RwandAir and President for PSF, he is a strong contribution to BAG’s growth. Robert is now leading one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in Rwanda.

Contact Us

Office Address: Kacyiru Kg 5 Ave. Plot 2.

Phone: 0786628722


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