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How can CoffeeCo. implement a new procedure to prevent the theft from occurring again?

Help CoffeeCo improve their financial procedures CoffeeCo is a chain of 10 coffee shops in East Africa The company was ...

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How can ICDL Africa effectively penetrate the market in Rwanda and develop their customer segmentation?

The ICDL programme defines the skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common computer applications It offers ...

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How can 4Blooms Kigali attract more customers to their fast food?

4 Blooms Kigali is a fast food restaurant located in Kigali that serves fine chef crafted burgers salads appetizers and ...

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How can YEGO CABS (9191) reach more customers and dominate the taxi service market in Rwanda?

Dial 9191 for a YEGOCAB tell the Driver where to go hop on and be on your way Passengers will ...

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How can Kumwe create a more effective and loyal relationship with its carriers and partners?

Kumwe Solutions provides sustained solutions to logistics challenges via smart business initiatives We combine global expertise and modern technology to ...

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How can 1000Hills Distillery reach and attract more customers?


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How can SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) market their products, reach their target group and create impactful dialogues with the consumers in the rural areas of Rwanda?

SHE is helping women to jumpstart social businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable menstrual pads Coupled with health education ...

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How can AHC (Alliance for Healthy Communities) effectively communicate HIV/AIDS prevention to the youth of Rwanda with higher risks of being affected?

AHC is an NGO communicating HIV AIDS prevention within the communities of Rwanda helping people access information so they can ...

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How can Chocolats Caractere effectively penetrate the Rwandan market and sell their chocolates?

Chocolate Caract re is a chocolate shop in Kigali offering hand crafted delicious and high quality chocolate made in Rwanda ...

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How can SafeMotos rebrand in Kigali without confusing existing customers?

SafeMotos is a ride hailing and on demand services platform designed specifically for urban Africa s affluent middle and bottom ...

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How can Acacia acquire more clients?

Acacia Accounting is a socially minded outsourced accounting and financial service provider headquartered in Kigali Rwanda We offer best in ...

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How can SOSOMA sell its products to private homes and small business?

SOSOMA Industries Ltd among others contributes to improve not only the quality of human diet but also it was proven ...

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How can Nabu grow its partnerships and spread its mission throughout the country?

NABU ORG is the world s first omnipresent publishing network to make literacy open and unbound for all We launched ...

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How can Imagine We Rwanda diversify their products to financially sustain their social projects?

Imagine We Rwanda is an organization that was born in 2015 with the passion to change the reading culture among ...

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What type of businesses should DC Hydropower invest in to create the largest community impact in East Africa?

Our focus is sustainable and socially responsible development of renewable energy resources throughout East Africa ...

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How can we effectively incentivize Jibu franchisers to maintain a steady and consistent growth? What marketing strategies could help the franchisers sell more products? (JIBU)

Jibu gives you everything you need to start a successful business startup capital state of the art technology and expert ...

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How will Masaka Farms broaden the appeal of yogurt products and increase their sales?

Masaka Farms Dairy was started in May 2008 by Serge Nsanawe Ndekwe as a small scale production of yogurt and ...

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How can we consistently attract enough visitors to Lakeside farm to justify a full time chef and tour guide?

Lakeside Fish Farm is Rwanda s favorite agritourism destination for families and popular with all age groups One hour from ...

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How can AZAM monopolize the market in East Africa?

Azam or Bakhresa Grain milling Rwanda was incorporated in Rwanda on 9th Jan 2009 with an objective to manufacture quality ...

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How can AZAM monopolize the East African market?

Azam or Bakhresa Grain milling Rwanda was incorporated in Rwanda on 9th Jan 2009 with an objective to manufacture quality ...

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How can Blessed Diaries maximize their sales in Rwanda?

Blessed diary is newly milk processing company which started their production in 2012 and by now is one of leading ...

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How can we increase our presence on the international market?

SINA GERARD Ese URWIBUTSO is owned and managed by Mr SINA Gerard It is oriented towards agro processing industry sector ...

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How can Ritver monopolize the paint market in Rwanda?

RITVER Paints Coating is an Italian painting and architectural coatings firm The company sells products such as texture paints decorative ...

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How can Winnaz become the most popular brand of chips in East Africa?

In 2013 I visited Rwanda to do research for my MSc in Development Economics The research was about entrepreneurship of ...

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