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Why BAG?

This Is the story Behind BAG Innovation

BAG Innovation was founded in May 2017. It was started because of the realization of 3 thing by our managing director, Gabriel Ekman: 1. Students are not graduating with the relevant experience and soft skills needed to fit into the job market 2. Recruitment and consulting processes in Rwanda are time-consuming and very expensive 3. The youth have the creative and right ideas to help the local and foreign businesses grow.

The management team consists of Gabriel Ekman our co-founder and MD, who has years of experience in youth development and start-ups from his time in Sweden and South Africa. Our Head of Operations and Co-founder Yussouf Ntwali who is our mastermind behind the daily operations, and our link to the young talents in Rwanda. Sonia Mutoni acts as our Head of Recruitment and makes sure that all our clients are satisfied with our results. Dina Nziza is our master Marketing Manager and works with making sure our brand is well known with our clients and students. Brian Andanje is our Lead Consultant who makes sure the consulting as applicable and relevant for our clients after the students bring their ideas.

There is a lot of NGOs and institutions in Rwanda working with youth development, but none of them are an attractive option for the current students in the country. BAG Innovation is a space for the young people to come and develop their skills on their own terms and compete with other like-minded talents. We have found a great balance between the consultancy (which is our entry-service) and Recruitment and Employee Training (where we actually make our main revenue from). There is a need for skills development not just with the students, but for the companies so they can invest in the future workforce. Investing in BAG Innovation therefore also becomes impactful for the company since we have the ability of training more students for every new client.