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Why BAG?

This Is the story about BAG

BAG Innovation was founded in May 2017 because of the relationship gap between the talented youth and the vibrant market place in Rwanda. Students are graduating without the necessary practical skills to perform well, and the companies do not have the resources or knowledge to convert the youths ideas into action. BAG is acting in the middle ground between business and youth development to ensure sustainable and creative growth for both!

The management team consists of Gabriel Ekman our co-founder and MD, who has years of experience in business development and start-ups from his work in Sweden and South Africa. Our Head of Operations and Co-founder Yussouf Ntwali who is our mastermind behind the daily operations, and our link to the young talents in Rwanda. Sonia Mutoni acts as our Talent Manager and makes sure that all our clients are satisfied with our results and receives the top talents in the country. Brian Andanje is our Senior Consultant who makes sure that the results from our business advisory is actionable and of high caliber.

BAG Innovation is a space for the young people to come and develop their skills on their own terms and compete with other like-minded talents. We have found a great balance between the advisory, placement and professional training. There is a need for skills development, not just with the students, but for the companies so they can invest in the future workforce. We are creating a new generation of problem solvers!