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Are you a student or recent graduate in Rwanda? BAG Innovation trains & gather multidisciplinary groups of students and let them work with an aim of creating new sustainable solutions for their communities and future employers. “BAG Innovation requires that no matter how obvious the solution may seem, many solutions be created for consideration BAG Innovation has created a repeatable process employing unique and creative techniques which delivers guaranteed results — usually results that exceed initial expectations. Therefore it is an attractive, dynamic and important methodology for businesses to embrace today. The BAG Innovation students come from a mix of disciplines. We believe that with more diverse combinations we will produce more fruitful outcomes. So far we’ve worked with over 600 students with multiple The students get the opportunity to develop skills related to:( • Teamwork • Managing assignments and leadership skills. • Oral and written communication. • Becoming self-aware and evaluation of group work. • Independence in their work. • Critical thinking, analysis and innovation. • Explaining and understanding concepts and new markets. • Self-directed learning. • Applying skills into practical use with using real world examples. • Researching and ICT skills. • Problem solving across disciplines.)

step 1

BAG Innovation gathers and trains top talent in Rwanda

step 2

Company provides a "Challenge"

step 3

BAG creates a team of expert Innovators

step 4

The Innovators produce reports and solutions for the Company

step 5

BAG supports company in the implementation of the new ideas

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