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What is a "Talent"?

My name is Yussouf, I am the COO at BAG. I will try to briefly describe what I think constitutes being a "Talent": Everyone I have interviewed this year has gotten the same question, "Describe one of you professional talents", and the answers have taught me a lot about what a talent actually is. I believe that we are all talented at something, but the realization our designated talents and how to harness them and develop it to something useful is a whole different task. We assume that studies will create talent, we assume that an internship will create talent and we hope that someone one day will recognize those talents. Well, sorry to break you bubble but this is simply not true. We need to practice our talents just like an athlete practices every day to stay in shape and push the limits. School without real life application is pointless, internships without challenges is pointless and waiting to recognized by someone else is the MOST POINTLESS THING OF ALL! Nobody cares until they do, and that your job. Make your talent something that people will recommend you for, something they will brag about, something they crave in their own business. Find a nisch that only you have, and don't try to follow the same flow as the rest of your class mates, colleagues and friends. A talent is someone who is different, results oriented, motivated, passionate, effective, problem solving, creative, driven...are you getting me? Please don't agree for the sake of it, don't say yes to be polite, and don't sit around and wait for someone to recognize you. Be Bold!