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Testimony from a BAG Innovator

I sat in a room full of students and young professionals, speaking out their minds and giving different opinions on different subjects that were being discussed in a training session, and all I could ask myself was “do I qualify to be here? “. Different cases (questions) were given to different groups of students and I just kept engaging myself with innovative ideas on each case as everyone else was doing. After some weeks, I got an opportunity to present my solutions in front of BAG’s Managers and other Managers from different companies. I had never felt nervous in a very long time. When I started speaking, second by second confidence was gained and wasn’t afraid to answer any question that was thrown at me. From being trained and consulting on a case, I was selected among the BAG Innovators (Talented students that are kept in BAG’s books so that they can keep track of them). These brought opportunities that challenge my mind day by day, working on bigger company cases, attending not only soft but also technical skills trainings and now being an intern as a Sales person at BAG, are all great opportunities. However, my disappointment is seeing young people waste their lives and time in things that did not matter. They don’t want to change their mind sets in what they think an opportunity is. A platform like this that helps your professional behaviors and mentality grow, is what most of young people are missing but again not valuing in our societies. “The biggest lessons we learn in life are often from the people we value the least.” This quote by Senga Joyeuse, always leaves me open-minded through everything I’m doing. With the opportunities I get, I keep realizing that I have greater potential than just making a career. My potential lay in growing my career to something that could be useful to young people in Rwanda. Dina Nziza, BAG Innovator