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We give university students the chance to work with “Challenges”. A Challenge is presented by one of our partners and transformed by BAG to a learning experience to the user. During your studies you get the chance to work with several company challenges to test your abilities, get monitored and developed, and finally matched to opportunities.


How it works

Step 1. Work on a case

Hiring companies on the BAG platform are looking for talented individuals who can help them solve their business challenges. Each case you complete adds particular skills and increases your overall profile rating. Select a sector of your choice and access thousands of business cases that you can offer your contribution.

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Step 2. Get Certified

After submitting your case solution, our integrated AI technology will screen your submission and send you back a report with feedback on the answers provided. You will then be given a series of general information questions to answer to complete your profile.


Step 3. Talent profile

After completing the student journey, our technology will consolidate your answers and submissions and collect the information provided from the questions asked to create a skills-based profile that we refer to as a Talent Profile with acquired skills and cases worked on to market YOU to employers.

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(Positions we’re hiring for at the moment and/or upcoming trainings we have.


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