Edwin Ruburika

Kigali, Rwanda


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I'm a fourth year student at AUCA, majoring in Accounting (Business Administration). I have a certificate from Haystack Africa, where I received over 100 hours practical training in accounting focused on accounting fundamentals, internal controls, accounting processes and effective use of technology (including Excel and QuickBooks). I also have experience as an Accounting Associate in a fast growing clean energy company.

Gender: MALE
Education: N/A
Major: Accounting
School: Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA)
Grad. Year: 0

1 cases done

How can Acacia acquire more clients?

Acacia Accounting is a socially minded outsourced accounting and financial service provider headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda. We offer best-in-class professional services based on years of Rwandan and international experience. Our clientele consists of foreign invested enterprises in various industries across Rwanda, including agribusiness, energy, export, INGOs, education, manufacturing, services, and others. If you are considering doing business in Rwanda, we can help guide you through the financial regulatory structure and help anticipate and solve the challenges you will face in doing business in Rwanda.


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