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Sharif Mikhidad RUGAMBA is a Delivery Service Manager at Cafe Camellia Ltd who maintains and monitor all delivery services at Cafe Camellia. Sharif has excellent planning and organizing skills that have helped him to plan his work and meet his targets through out his professional career. Before being a Delivery service Manager at Cafe Camellia, Sharif was an Contractual interpreter/translator for Resettlement Support Center (RSC Africa) where he managed to interpret refugee resettlement cases, translated their personal documents. Sharif gained professional skills while working with RSC Africa now he's an expert in interpretation after two trainings he attended with RSC Africa in collaboration with UNHCR Rwanda. To sum it up Sharif is an Economist, interpreter, innovator, self motivated individual with highest level of integrity and strong work ethic.

Gender: MALE
Education: N/A
Major: Development Economics
School: University of Rwanda-School of business and Economics
Grad. Year: 0

4 cases done

How will Masaka Farms broaden the appeal of yogurt products and increase their sales?

Masaka Farms Dairy was started in May 2008 by Serge Nsanawe Ndekwe as a small scale production of yogurt and fresh cream. On 10th January 2010 Masaka Farms Ltd was incorporated with main principal activity of producing dairy products notably yogurt, fresh cream, cheese and butter. Masaka Farms Ltd is owned by Serge Nsanawe Ndekwe and Giulio Zavagni. The dairy is located in an agro pastoral area of Rusororo Sector, Gasobo district in an six acres land. The climatic condition of this area favours animal husbandry hence ideal for dairy farming. The processing facility is located on a hill, this is in compliance with Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) werlands standards which are aimed at enhancing drainage. The lowland is a host to a herd of 11 dairy cows and 22 pigs. The dairy cows supplement the supply of raw milk to the processing plant. The local farmers supply milk to Masaka Farms Ltd every days. Mission: “to provide customers with the highest quality, safest, tastiest milk products”


How can we effectively incentivize Jibu franchisers to maintain a steady and consistent growth? What marketing strategies could help the franchisers sell more products? (JIBU)

Jibu gives you everything you need to start a successful business – startup capital, state of the art technology, and expert business advice to ensure you and your company succeed. Becoming a Jibu franchisee means your friends and neighbors can afford refreshing drinking water just steps from their home.


How can we consistently attract enough visitors to Lakeside farm to justify a full time chef and tour guide?

Lakeside Fish Farm is Rwanda's favorite agritourism destination for families and popular with all age groups. One hour from, Lakeside Fish Farm offers you a unique and memorable farm experience. A wide range of exciting activities and facilities are waiting for you. Either come for a conducted tour, a daytrip or stay overnight in our convivial guesthouse or at our purpose-built campground. Everything is securely contained within our fenced, lake-facing sixteen-hectare property. Meals at Lakeside are made from our own farm fresh produce, which featuring fish, poultry, organic veggies, fresh salad and fruit. Lakeside is an ideal destination for campers, as our eight-man tents are big enough to walk in and are furnished with sleeping pads. We provide firewood and a stone pit for campfires and a barbeque grill for your own cooking. ?Showers, toilets and running water are nearby.


How can Blessed Diaries maximize their sales in Rwanda?

Blessed diary is newly milk processing company which started their production in 2012 and by now is one of leading and the fastest growing diary company in Rwanda. The company deals with several types of milk products such as pasteurized whole milk, low fat milk, fresh cream, cheese, butter, ghee, yoghurt flavored with strawberries, pineapple and vanilla. Read more: Our Mission: To be a leader in dairy industries in Rwanda and to be recognized diary company in East African community and meet our customer demands by providing nutritious and good quality products to provide a ready market for milk produced in Rwanda as well as providing employment to the people of Rwanda.


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