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How can 4Blooms Kigali attract more customers to their fast food?

4 Blooms Kigali is a fast food restaurant located in Kigali that serves fine chef-crafted burgers, salads, appetizers and sides made from fresh all-natural ingredients! 4 Blooms cares for you and for the planet! Our goal is to become the number one fast food restaurant in Rwanda.


How can Winnaz become the most popular brand of chips in East Africa?

In 2013 I visited Rwanda to do research for my MSc in Development Economics. The research was about entrepreneurship of potato farmers. My passion for entrepreneurship created many questions about the private sector development of this beautiful country. How is it possible that a country with such fertile soils and so much agriculture has minimum processing and value addition? Asking this question to Rwandans I understood quickly that the investment is too high and difficult to find good machinery. My dream to set up a business in the middle of Africa started. Hollanda Fairfoods, established in 2014, is a Rwandan company with Dutch influences that combines the best of both countries. We created a knowledge and technical ‘bridge’ between the two countries. We invested in machinery from the Netherlands that are tailor-made for the East African market. We also have a constant knowledge and experience transfer between the two countries. Our constant focus on being different through high quality and market creativity makes us believe that we can become the best high quality snack company in East Africa. Hollanda Fairfoods has 40 employees,mainly based in Rwanda Our Potato crisps brand is called “WINNAZ”. Winnaz comes from winners! we have 4 flavours : Orginal(naturel), Salt et vinegar(Sour),Paprika (sweet),packed in 40 and 150 gram bags and new flavour “Pizza” packed in 20 gram and is specially made for kids! Winnaz crisps are available in Rwanda and Uganda and our goal is to explore to Tanzania and Kenya very soon.


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