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Business consulting motivated student with knowledge in data analysis. I am current consultant at Leankeys consultancy. I have knowldge on tax laws and business consulting together with data analysis in building a constructive reports for further projecting company's outlook, I'm committed to work in team and learn from them by building strong strong knowledge for further developing my career.

Gender: MALE
Education: N/A
Major: International Business and Trade
School: African Leadership University
Grad. Year: 0

2 cases done

How can 1000Hills Distillery reach and attract more customers?


How can SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) market their products, reach their target group and create impactful dialogues with the consumers in the rural areas of Rwanda?

“SHE is helping women to jumpstart social businesses to manufacture and distribute affordable menstrual pads. Coupled with health education and advocacy, girls and women will have even more productive lives than before.”


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